Tahu Sumbat

Super quick and easy dish to prepare and enjoy with your family, because even the fussiest eaters love it. Packed with vegetables and tofu, it’s full of vitamins and protein, making it such a healthy dish for those avoiding a heavy meal.

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 Turnip (Sengkuang)
 Beansprouts (washed and de-tailed)
 4 blocks Tofu
 2 Red Chilies
 2 Dried Chilies
 2 cloves Garlic
 ½ tsp salt
 1 tsp sugar


  1. Cut the carrot, turnip and cucumber into long thin strips (julienne cut)
  2. Cut the Tofu into a triangular half
  3. Fry the tofu in a pan with some oil on both sides til lightly browned, let them cool
  4. Cut into the tofu along the uncooked side to make a pocket, being careful not the cut all the way to the sides
  5. Stuff the tofu with all the vegetables
  6. Serve with your favourite chili sauce - we blended red chilies, dried chilies & garlic, then added a little salt and sugar to taste with a squeeze of lime.

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