Sweet & Sour Chicken

This Chinese dish is regularly found in Malaysian menus. The battered chicken and sedap sauce is the perfect combo, but you can leave out the chilli sauce if you prefer, because this is definitely a family favourite. The list of ingredients is long but after you’ve prepped it’ll only take a few minutes to cook and get it on the table.

Prep Time

Cook Time

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Family Faves


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 1 ¼ cup Self-Raising flour
 1 tbsp Vegetable oil
 1 tbsp Cornstarch
 1 Egg
 ½ tsp Salt
 ¼ tsp White Pepper
 ¾ cup Water (Sweet Sour Sauce)
 3 tbsp Ketchup
 2 tbsp Chilli Sauce
 2 tbsp Vinegar
 ½ tsp Worcestershire Sauce
  2 tbsp Sugar
 1 cup Water
 ½ tsp Cornstarch
 ½ tsp White Pepper
 ½ tsp Oyster Sauce
 400g Chicken
 1 Big Onion
 ¼ Green Pepper
 ¼ Red Pepper
 ½ Cucumber
 1 cup Pineapple (fresh or tinned)


  1. Cut the chicken into small cubes.
  2. For the batter, in a large bowl add the self-raising flour, cornstarch, salt, white pepper, vegetable oil, egg and water. Mix well until a batter is formed.
  3. Add the chicken in the batter, coat well and deep fry until fully cooked and golden brown.
  4. For the sauce, in a pan add the water, ketchup, oyster sauce, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, white pepper, sugar, cornstarch. Mix well and then add the onions, green pepper, red pepper, cucumber, pineapple. Mix on low heat and then add the fried chicken cooking it together for just a few minutes.

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