Stir Fried Beef with Soy Sauce

You will love this quick and easy dish, full of taste but so simple to make, even for the most kitchen challenged. If you don’t want it too sweet then just add the sweet soy sauce slowly tasting it in between. 

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Prep Time

15 min.

Cook Time

15 min.

Total Time

30 min.


Quick & Easy


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2 tbs Oil
1 small Onion
100 g sliced Beef
1 Spring/Green Onion 1 Big Green Chili
1 big Red Chili
1 tsp Black Pepper
½ tsp Sugar
½ tsp Salt
⅓ cup Sweet Soy Sauce


  1. Heat up the oil to medium heat
  2. Fry the small onion until lightly browned
  3. Add Slice beef to the pan
  4. Add the green onions and chilies
  5. Add the pepper, sugar, salt and stir
  6. Stir in the Sweet Soy Sauce and simmer

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