Sotong Masak Kicap

The simplicity of this dish is evergreen and is always a hit at the dinner table. Make sure you don’t overcook the squid or it’ll be tough and rubbery. The key to this dish is using the squid juice, so make sure to not throw that away.

Prep Time

10 min.

Cook Time

10 min.

Total Time

20 min.


Quick & Easy


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 350 g Squid
 1 Big Onion (slice into rings)
 1 Red Chilli
 1 Green Chilli
 2 inch Ginger (julienne)
 3 cloves of Garlic
 2 tbsp Dark Soya Sauce
 1/4 cup Water
 2 tsp Salt
 1 tsp Sugar
 1 tsp Turmeric Powder
 2 tbsp Oil
 1 tbsp Vinegar


  1. Marinate sliced squid with turmeric and salt for 5 minutes
  2. Fry the squid in a pan without any oil until all the juices are released
  3. Drain the squid juice and set aside for later (Do not throw away the squid juice)
  4. Add some oil in the pan and sauté the ​​garlic, ginger and just half of the sliced big onion (keep the other half for later)
  5. Add in the soya sauce, water, salt & sugar and stir well.
  6. Add the squid and the squid juice then let it boil, once boiled add in the other half of the holland onion, sliced red chili & green chilli and the vinegar, and cook for just another 2-3mins.

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