Rendang Daging Black Pepper Mahsuri (Black Pepper Beef Rendang)

Raya kan sebulan, Aidilfitri tak bermakna tanpa Rendang. Hari ni SedapTV nak share resepi rendang yang lain dari yang lain. Jom masak Rendang Daging Black Pepper! Dengan bantuan Sos Lada Hitam Mahsuri, senang je nak masak rendang ni! Cuba try!

Prep Time

20 min.

Cook Time

120-180 min.

Total Time

140-200 min.


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 500g Beef Tenderloin (cut into 2cm cubes)
 150g Mahsuri Black Pepper Sauce
 5 tbsp Cooking Oil
 1 tsp Tamarind Paste (add 4 tbsp water)
 250ml Coconut Milk
 2 tbsp Fried Coconut Paste (Kerisik)
 ½ tsp Salt
 1 cube Beef Stock
 Paste Ingredients
 1 large Onion (cut)
 5 Shallots
 3 cloves Garlic
 1 inch Ginger (skinned & cut)
 2 Lemongrass (sliced)
 4 Candlenut


  1. Marinate beef cubes with Mahsuri Black Pepper Sauce in a covered bowl for at least 2 hours.
  2. Add all the ingredients with ½ cup water into a blender to make the paste.
  3. Heat oil, and fry blended paste until the oil separates on low heat.
  4. Put in beef and stir to combine. Keep stirring until the paste has dried up (approximately 30 minutes), pour in the coconut milk.
  5. Stir occasionally until the dish comes to a boil, then lower the heat then cook until the sauce reduces by half, which will take about 1 to 1.5hrs and the beef should be really tender (add a bit more water if the beef is still not fully cooked and cook further until meat is tender).
  6. Add in the fried coconut paste (kerisik), tamarind paste (mixed with water), salt & beef stock.
  7. Cook and stir until the sauce thickens, remove from heat.

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