Nasi Hujan Panas

This fun and easy recipe to brighten up your usual Nasi! This simple recipe, is packed with a buttery flavour + smells soooo sedap. Often eaten with Ayam Masak Merah & Kuah Dalca (check out those recipes on our app or website). 😍 Try making this with your little ones!

Prep Time

30 min.

Cook Time

35 min.

Total Time

65 min.


Family Faves


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 3 cup Basmati Rice
 2 Red Onions [Blended]
 2 clove Garlic [Blended]
 2 tbsp Cooking Oil
 2 tbsp Butter
 1 pc Cinnamon Stick
 2 whole Cardamom
 2 whole Star Anise
 3 whole Cloves
 2 pc Pandan Leaf [Knotted]
 250 ml Evaporated Milk
 500 ml Water
 30 gram Raisin
 1 tbsp Salt
 1 pc Chicken Stock [Cube]
 Food Colouring [eg. red, green, blue]


  1. Soak rice for 30 minutes & drain.
  2. Blend red onions & garlic into paste.
  3. In a pot, heat cooking oil & butter. Fry cinnamon stick, cardamom, star anise & cloves until fragrant.
  4. Next add in the onion & garlic paste & fry until fragrant, then add in the knotted pandan leaves.
  5. Pour in the evaporated milk, water, raisins & salt and stir well.
  6. Then add in the drained rice and cover the pot to cook for 10 minutes, then crumble in the chicken stock and stir well.
  7. Cover the pot and continue cooking the rice for another 10 minutes.
  8. Dip one chopstick into one colour, then poke it into rice (repeat for each colour), then let it cook for another 5 minutes.
  9. Finally gently mix and fluff the rice to serve with other complimentary dishes like rendang and pickles.

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