Thank you to our friends at Just Heavenly for sharing this great recipe for these rather special Mooncakes with us.

Prep Time

20 min.

Cook Time

20 min.

Total Time

40 min.


Sweet Delights


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 Mooncake Skin;
500 g QQ Snowskin (available at bake stores like Bake with Yen, etc)
28 g Shortening
390 g Water
 Red Velvet Filling;
300 g Red Velvet Cake, Just blend it into rough crumbs (
100 g Cheese Frosting (Use your favourite)
 Black Sesame Filling;
300 g Black Sesame Powder
300 g Icing Sugar
150 g Oil


  1. Boil the water and add the shortening and bring to a bubbling boil. Turn off the fire.
  2. Add the QQ snowskin mix and stir until it forms a ball
  3. Add the desired colouring and chill for at least 4 hours
  4. Each medium-sized mooncake uses 20g of snowskin, You can use more if you'd like a thicker skin.
  5. Any type of cake crumbs with the frosting/ganache till it can form a ball.
  6. Each ball weighs in at 30g and flattens it. Make sure the cake is chilled not warm.
  7. Pipe the filling into the moulds and freeze it or chill for 2 hours so its nice and cool and form into balls. So it’s easier to handle and use.
  8. Unmould the filling out on top of the flatten cake and ball it. Chill it after balling
  9. Roll the skin into a round shape and cover the cake pop. Before covering let it thaw a little.
  10. Dust table and mould before pressing it to prevent the skin to stick on the table. Dust off the excess corn flour and it’s done

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