Lamb Dumplings

Dumplings represent luck and wealth which is one of the reasons why they’re often seen being served during CNY. Lamb dumplings are believed to bring you money as vast as the ocean, as the Chinese pronunciation of “lamb” sounds like “ocean”. We used purple cabbage as a natural dye for the dumpling skin to switch up its look!

Prep Time

20 min.

Cook Time

15 min.

Total Time

35 min.


Quick & Easy


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120g  Minced Lamb
1 inch  Ginger (minced/grated)
2 Spring Onions (chop)
1 tsp  Salt
½ tsp  White Pepper
2 tbsp  Water
150g  All Purpose flour
150g  Purple Cabbage (slice)
100ml  Water


  1. Making Dumpling Skin: To make purple dye, simmer chopped cabbage in 100ml water for 5 minutes, then strain to keep purple dyed water aside. In a clean mixing bowl put in the all purpose flour then gradually add about 80ml of purple dyed water. Keep mixing until there is no more loose flour then start to combine the dough & knead with hand until smooth. Leave to rest covered for 40–60 minutes. Roll into a doughnut shape & cut into about 12 even pieces. Flatten with a rolling pin into round shapes (or use a round cutter to cut into circles), and add flour between each piece.
  2. Lamb Filling: Place lamb, ginger, boiled purple cabbage & salt into a bowl and mix together. Then add 2 tbsp of water and mix until fully combined.
  3. Making The Dumplings: Place a teaspoonful (or two) of lamb filling in the middle of the wrapper. Seal the wrapper into the shape of your choice. Place the dumplings in a lined steamer, then steam them for 10 minutes with lid on over medium heat. Serve dumplings with your favourite sauce (eg. Hoisin/Chilli/Soy Sauce)

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