Lamb Curry

All Malaysians love curry, and everyone has their own way of cooking them. The best home cooks all just ‘Agak agak’ but this is just a more simple version for those who have never tried to make it before. You can also try having this with SedapTV ‘Quick & Easy’ Roti Jala recipe.

Prep Time

20 min.

Cook Time

60 min.

Total Time

80 min.


Family Faves


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13 cloves of Garlic
200 g Dried Chilli
7 Shallots
20 g Ginger (sliced)
200 ml Vegetable Oil
2 sticks of  Cinnamon
6 pods of Star Anise
1 tbsp Cardamon
 Curry Leaves
1 cup Turmeric powder
½ cup Curry powder
1 tbsp Coriander powder (*not seen in video)
200 ml Coconut milk
500 g Lamb (diced)
1 tbsp Sugar
1 tbsp Salt
1 large Potato (cubed)
 Coriander Leaves *optional


  1. Blend garlic, dried chilli, ginger, shallots and some water to make the chilli paste - set aside
  2. Heat the oil in your pot/wok and fry the spices - cinnamon, star anise, cardamom and curry leaves until it becomes fragrant.
  3. Then add the turmeric and curry powder and mix well
  4. Then add in the coconut milk and then the lamb, again mix and stir gently
  5. Leave it to cook for about 20mins, add a cup of water, add in salt and sugar
  6. Finally throw in the potatoes and top off with fresh coriander leaves
  7. Leave to cook for about another 30mins or so, just keep checking and stirring it on occasion.

Sorry we missed writing ginger in the video but please do add that to the
blender for the chili paste. We also added the coriander powder but did not
state in video – it happens when we get too excited while cooking!)

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