Ginger Custard

A traditional Cantonese dessert. This doesn’t require any baking, steaming, or curdling agents as the ginger itself triggers the curdling process naturally. By using just 3 ingredients, you can enjoy the silky-textured pudding as it is, or try adding honey and fresh berries for an exquisite experience.

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Sweet Delights


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4 Tsp Ginger juice (from approx 100g Ginger)
2 Tsp Sugar
200 ML Milk
 Honey and Fresh Berries (Optional)
2 Small Bowls


  1. To get the ginger juice, grate the ginger and then squeeze out the juice using a strainer or muslin cloth.
  2. Put 2 tsp of ginger juice into each bowl, making sure to stir the juice to ensure the starch is well mixed (this is very important), and set aside.
  3. Heat up the milk in a pot and add in the sugar, stir until it has dissolved.
  4. When the milk is at 70℃ (use a thermometer for accuracy), pour half the milk into each bowl.
  5. DO NOT MOVE THE BOWLS - let the pudding set for 10-15mins.
  6. Serve the dessert chilled, and you can add some honey & berries (optional)

For best results you must use a food thermometer to ensure the curdling process happens.

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