Garlic Naan Bread

Naan is a leavened bread hugely popular in South Asia. In India, it’s one bread that’s always on the menu 😅 Though restaurant naan is usually cooked in the intense heat of the tandoor oven, you can pull off this homemade version using a hot cast iron skillet.

Prep Time

10 min.

Cook Time

130 min.

Total Time

140 min.


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 1½ tsp Instant Yeast
 1 tsp Sugar
 ⅔ cup Warm Water
 3½ cup Plain Flour
 1½ tsp Salt
 ½ cup Plain Yogurt (Natural or Greek)
 ⅓ cup Warm Milk
 ¼ cup Cooking Oil
 5 cloves Garlic
 2 stalks Coriander
 2 tbsp Butter (melted)


  1. Mix the yeast, sugar and warm water in a small bowl and leave for 10 mins.
  2. Put the plain flour in a mixing bowl and add in the salt, plain yogurt, warm milk, cooking oil and yeast mixture into the flour and mix well by hand, or in a mixer for about 10 minutes until it has combined well into a smooth dough.
  3. Place dough in a lightly oiled bowl then cover and leave it at room temperature for 1 hour, or until the dough has risen to double size.
  4. Remove dough from the bowl and knead to remove the air, then roll into a long sausage and cut into 8 even pieces, cover again and rest for 10mins.
  5. Press or roll each piece into a thin circle/oval, then place on lightly floured baking paper and leave to rest again for 15 mins, under a damp towel.
  6. In a small bowl, mix the melted butter, garlic and coriander together.
  7. Cook each naan on an ungreased pan (medium heat), then add some garlic butter onto the naan and turn over after about 2 mins or when big bubbles appear. (*You can add more garlic butter on the other side if you want to).
  8. Keep the naan warm in a cloth-lined basket before serving.

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