Durian & Chicken Curry

If you’ve ever wondered what eating durian in a savoury manner instead of a sweet way would be like, this recipe has your name written all over It. This both sweet and savoury in the most surprising way, and if you’re in the mood for something different… Try it! .

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 Mix Spices - Blend
 1 Red Onion
 6 Candlenuts
 2 Garlic Cloves
 1 Inch Ginder
 5 Dried Red Chilli
 100ml Water
 1 Durian
 4 Chicken drumsticks
 2 tbsp cooking oil
 1 Red Onion
 Sliced 3 Stalks lemon Grass
 Pounded 3 Stalks Curry leaves
 200ml Water
 1 tsp Salt
 1 Big red tomato
 400ml Coconut milk


  1. In a blender put in the red onion, candlenut, garlic, dried red chilli and water and blend well and set aside.
  2. Cut a whole Durian and remove the flesh with the seed. And set aside.
  3. In a wok add the cooking oil, red onion, lemon grass and fry for 2 minutes. Add the blended spice mix and cook for 5 mins.
  4. Add the drumsticks, curry powder and chilli powder. Then mix well over medium heat. Add some water, curry leaves and cook for 20 minutes or untill cooked.
  5. Add salt and the tomatoe wedges, stir well then add the coconut milk and stir well.
  6. Slowly add the Durian flesh with seed and lightly mix. Serve over rice.

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