Air Batu Campur

Ais Batu Campur, Air Batu Campur and Ais Kacang? What ever you call it, this #SweetDelight recipe is definitely as easy as ABC… kacang je! 😜 We support diversity, so feel free to include whatever toppings you like. Watch until the end to see what we added to ours! 🤤

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Sweet Delights


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 1 pc Ice Block
 1 pc Honeydew Ball
 1 pc Rock Melon Ball
 1 pc Watermelon Ball
 1 tbsp Cincau
 1 tbsp Cendol
 4 pc Lychee
 1 tbsp Red Kidney Bean
 1 tbsp Peanut
 1 tbsp Creamed Corn
 1 cup Shaved Ice
 1 tbsp Condensed Milk
 1 tbsp Evaporated Milk
 1 tbsp Palm Sugar Syrup
 1 tbsp Red Syrup


  1. Prepare the shaved ice using Ais Kacang Machine and set aside.
  2. Add honeydew ball, rock melon ball, cincau, cendol, lychee, red kidney beans, peanuts and creamed corn into a dessert bowl.
  3. Add shaved ice in the bowl.
  4. Pour condensed milk, evaporated milk, palm sugar syrup and red syrup all over the ice.
  5. Add more toppings according to your liking and serve immediately.

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