Agar-Agar Sirap Rose

On a scorching hot day, the first taste of chilled rose syrup is extremely satisfying. So, we’ve taken that same super flavour and cranked it up ! Try our Agar Agar Sirap Rose recipe.

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Sweet Delights


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6 cups Water
1 pack (10g) Agar-agar
¾ cup Sugar
400ml Coconut Milk (2 boxes)
2 Eggs
¼ tsp Salt
2 tsp Rose Syrup


  1. Boil the water on in a large pot and add in the sugar and agar-agar powder until it has all dissolved and let it boil for a minute
  2. Break two eggs into a bowl with coconut milk and whisk well, then add it into the big pot and keep stirring on medium heat, the add in the salt and rose syrup
  3. Allow mixture to simmer for about 2 mins, or until you see the syrup colour separating
  4. Remove it from the heat and using a ladle, pour the mixture into a wet container (you may need more than one depending on the size of your container)

DO NOT MOVE the container, leave it to set for about 1 hr at room temperature, then put into the fridge for another 2 hrs or until it has set completely. Cut to sizes or shapes as desired to serve.

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