Protegent Antivirus Scam

It is crucial to secure your computer from viruses and trojans, whether you are an owner of a business or an everyday internet user. The best method to do this is with a dependable antivirus security program. There are many products which claim to do this, and some are frauds. Protegent should be avoided.

The commercial by the company begins with a teacher looking at inappropriate content on one of her students computers. Then the character Proto appears and tells her about protegent the “empowering” new piece of software that can track the activity of students on their computer and send an email to her.

Protegent’s Fish Hunter 360 antivirus household software comes with a variety of real-time scanning and optimization tools that improve the cadence of your computer as well as protect you from malware and spyware, as well as scam scratches, and recover fallen or deleted data files. It also blocks sites that are not trustworthy to ensure that you don’t become a victim of hackers.

This antivirus software from Unistal has a professional-grade scanning engine that can protect your computer from spyware ware, ad ware, rootkits, Trojan infections viruses, and scams. It can also backup and recover lost data as well as defragment the hard drive to boost the efficiency of operation. It also operates in the background, increasing speeds of download and upload without causing any slowdown to your device.

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