Home Office Organization Ideas

Move supplies and paperwork into the closet, so your desk can stay clean and clear. DIY storage solutions, desk organizers and minimalist ideas to inspire your home office setup, regardless of its size. Adding floating shelves above your desk will add more space for storage and organization of your office supplies. Even if your desk doesn’t come with a lot of storage, you can easily add drawers like these for all the papers and office supplies. The empty wall behind or above your desk might be the perfect spot to fill in your essentials and organize your home office. Using this vertical space also allows you to keep a clean desk space and create a more focused and productive environment.

  • Here, an industrial-look pendant light with a metal shade gives the space a contemporary vibe.
  • Have a specific space where you can do your work and where you don’t spend your leisure hours.

So to help you not fall into the same trap, here are some tools and home office organization ideas to get you organised. Working from home comes with many benefits, but it also often comes with lots and lots of clutter. After all, without the ample storage space and filing systems of a corporate office, it can be tricky to keep your many work items in line. There are ways to style your home office like a professional, though.

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That way, your space looks nice and adult-approved when everything’s put away. “Use the most easily accessible top drawer of the vanity for your daily essentials—items like your hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant,” Losonci says. That way, https://remotemode.net/blog/10-tips-for-setting-up-the-best-home-office/ you can keep your bathroom counter clear and won’t have to dig through your medicine cabinet or makeup bag each day. Murphy beds are really ahead of the home organization and space-saving curve—especially ones that incorporate shelving and cabinetry.

Whether it is built-in or freestanding, a bench with storage at the base could be just what you need. Think about a built-in bench that opens up for more storage, and top it off with some newly upholstered cushions. Built-in storage benches also make the perfect seating for any breakfast nook.

Arrange Supplies by Color

You can also get ahead by checking out the best office supplies to help you tame paper clutter. The most important tip to keep your home office organized is to set aside time each day to do a quick clean up. When that least email has been sent, put away anything that you’ve left on you desk, toss any garbage and recycle what you can. Just a few focused minutes on cleaning and organizing will ensure that the following day you can start with a fresh clean, slate. You may not have a lot of paper files to keep track of, but it can be difficult to eliminate paper completely.

  • Your desk is where work happens and it can build up with clutter when you least expect it.
  • No one needs to know your winter sweaters are piled high behind those sliding wood panels.
  • You may not have a lot of paper files to keep track of, but it can be difficult to eliminate paper completely.
  • Here’s how to get started with some of our favorite storage solutions and garage organization ideas to makeover your space from disaster to organized garage.

Store magazines, and even smaller books, in a made-to-be-seen holder. It’s no secret that dressers and armoires typically come with quite the hefty price tag. Choose an armoire-and-dresser combo to ensure you have enough space to hang and fold. But you can go one step farther by making the mousepad customizable. You can make it a color of your choice, or it could be used as an extra picture, boosting your motivation by serving as a reminder as well.

Safavieh Swivel Office Chair

By labelling cords, you’re removing the guesswork and saving time by not pulling out the wrong plug. For those who have a lot of cords, putting cord labels on them can help remove stress in several ways. Since there are so many devices these days that use wires, a desk can quickly get cluttered and can cause undue stress to you. Binder clips – especially ones with different shapes and sizes – are a good alternative to keeping various wires and cords out of sight.

Use it to hold your phone, tablet, sunglasses, and anything else that always seems to be floating around your desk without a home. But you can conquer the chaos if you have a plan, a few hours, and some helpful items to corral your stuff. Passwords are 6-20 characters with at least one number and letter. And storage can be especially important if you happen to share a home office, whether with a partner, a roommate, or a family member. If there’s one thing Berk recommends for office organization, it’s making sure everything has a place that can be tucked away when it’s not in use.

No one needs to know your winter sweaters are piled high behind those sliding wood panels. With more people working out of their homes, organization and productivity are key aspects. With the various supplies, hacks, and resources provided, you can be sure that you’ll have a clean and professional space to get work done. Pegboards are easy to put up, though require additional costs since you’ll need to get hooks and extra bins too.

  • It’s all about being honest about how you work and optimize your space so that your day-to-day operations can be executed as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.
  • He also explains that dark gray, black, and navy—while perhaps a bit bolder—can also help create a good environment for getting work done.
  • When that least email has been sent, put away anything that you’ve left on you desk, toss any garbage and recycle what you can.
  • This hand-painted red, black and white design has been created using Capri Pink, Old White, and Athenian Black  – all available from Annie Sloan.
  • If the countertop utensil jar is out of control, making it difficult to shove in each spatula when it comes out of the dishwasher, reassess what you actually need.
  • In small home office designs, sightlines are critical, whether that be views from your desk or what others can see over Zoom calls.

Put a rolling cart beside the desk to hold notebooks, planners, reference manuals, etc.

Bookcase With Storage

From tidying up loose papers to corralling that impressive pen (and highlighter) collection, organizing your office is one easy way to maximize your efficiency. To help, we’re showing you some of our favorite office organization ideas, from DIY projects to the products you need to start (and finish) the workday strong. If you DO have a desk drawer, you know how quickly it can become a junk drawer if you’re not careful.

Just click on the picture and then the red P on the upper-left hand side. Depending on what you are working on and how you use your desk, drawers are extra space for more than just files. Sometimes you’ve got office supplies that are thrown in drawers or maybe other tools you use for work. We’ve spoken with designers and professional organizers alike to get their tips on the best home office organization ideas. Set your home office organization up for success by keeping a few empty bins or containers aside for future items.

Paperwork Piles

Especially if you are someone who wants to add more flair to your environment. While plants should remain off your desk, they do boost productivity. Research has found that having a plant in the workplace improves memory retention amongst other things[1]. There is some flexibility with this item as there are many ways to create “a landing pad”.