Engage Communications Sdn. Bhd. is the digital content production company behind SedapTV. We’re the master chefs of SedapTV, but our expertise and repertoire extend far beyond the kitchen.

Our services include conceptualising and producing high quality content to support and drive our clients’ marketing initiatives by offering video assets with superb production values.

With over 40 years of Media, Film and TV Production experience, our team is comprised of award-winning and highly qualified members who can successfully execute digital media campaigns, and continuously strive to go over and beyond expectations.

Our Mission

We’re committed to designing engaging modern media content that delights & inspires with high production values, while delivering refreshing and innovative ideas for all digital platforms.

Our Vision

We challenge ourselves to reach and engage with a global audience through excellent content creation and original storytelling, and to provide trustworthy and credible information.

About SedapTV

SedapTV was crafted to become Malaysia’s Ultimate Food Platform. Established in June 2019, @sedaptv’s following and figures have increased by leaps and bounds; in addition to an actively engaged following on Instagram, we’ve accumulated over 6,760,439 views and 3,393,535 impressions to date, and continue to grow daily. SedapTV is now expanding its reach to an even larger market on all platforms.

Our expanding catalogue of content features over 350 easy-to-follow recipes, essential cooking tips & hacks, honest & entertaining food reviews, as well as exciting long-form food centric shows. SedapTV is a direct-to-consumer online platform celebrating local food content, that explores the far reaches of the gastronomical universe by talking to both food explorers and kitchen warriors. Our goal is to be a multidimensional platform that is the ultimate source of information for all things “Sedap”, in a reliable and honest way.

Our teams’ mission is to share the most delectable Malaysian food stories with the world. To become the platform that can reignite the passion and enjoyment of cooking, by encouraging people to learn through simple yet beautifully crafted visual communication.


Editorial Guidelines

We owe a depth of gratitude to our audiences, our marketing partners, service providers, our editorial team and staff to make SedapTV successful. Thus, we have an obligation to invest in producing original content of exceptional production value.

We respect the intellectual property of all created content on the Internet. Unless explicitly mentioned, all contents, which include videos, images and written articles are copyrighted. Permission to republish any part of the content on SedapTV, may be obtained by writing to [email protected].

While SedapTV works with third-party marketing partners on advertising and sponsorship opportunities, we strictly do not endorse or promote any third-party brands and products. We recognize that there are times when brands and products find their way into the content, these are either coincidences or complements.

When any part of the content should feature paid advertisement and/or sponsorship by third-party marketing partner, we are obliged to make the disclosure and disclaimer.

We hope to live up to the expectation of SedapTV, bringing you those inspiring stories. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to write to [email protected]


Our Services

Allow us to whip up some solutions for you and your products or brand, and develop unique ideas that will suit your brand objectives and goals.

Our team is built to design & produce high-quality video content for your brand or products. We always aim to cater to your needs and meet your expectations, to support your social media marketing initiatives, and drive your strategies.

We have the expertise to conceptualize, direct, script, shoot and edit video content in our own studio,
or at your desired location.

Our experience in the entertainment industry also gives you special access to relationships with KOLS and Celebrities.


Current Job Openings

SedapTV is on a look out for high caliber professionals and specialists to join its fast-growing team in Kuala Lumpur. To apply for any of the openings, please write to [email protected]