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Engage Communications Sdn Bhd, is a digital media and content creation company. We conceptualise and produce high quality and engaging content for our Food platform – SedapTV.

SedapTV is multi-platform digital media and content creator with a passion for the most loved Malaysian and Asian foods. We aim to rediscover and inspire people about the delectable & mouth-watering cuisine found around Malaysia, making the word “Sedap” globally recognised.

We have award-winning & highly-qualified personnel with over
50 years combined Broadcast, Media & TV production experience. Our goal is to produce only the best broadcast-quality content for our clients with exceptional production values.

The culinary creativity that endows Malaysia’s diverse multicultural heritage is breathless. From the authentic Malaysian Nasi Lemak to the Peranakan Laksa, or the Indian-inspired red hot spicy curry chicken, to the unique Nasi Kerabu from Kelantan and Terengganu, Malaysia is the haven for extraordinary food and travel adventures.

Before you plan your next dinner escapade or weekend getaway, check out SedapTV.com for your ultimate guide to great food and places in Malaysia.

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SedapTV is a business of Engage Communications Sdn Bhd.


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We owe a depth of gratitude to our audiences, our marketing partners, service providers, our editorial team and staff to make SedapTV successful. Thus, we have an obligation to invest in producing original content of exceptional production value.

We respect the intellectual property of all created content on the Internet. Unless explicitly mentioned, all contents, which include videos, images and written articles are copyrighted. Permission to republish any part of the content on SedapTV, may be obtained by writing to [email protected]

While SedapTV works with third-party marketing partners on advertising and sponsorship opportunities, we strictly do not endorse or promote any third-party brands and products. We recognize that there are times when brands and products find their way into the content, these are either coincidences or complements.

When any part of the content should feature paid advertisement and/or sponsorship by third-party marketing partner, we are obliged to make the disclosure and disclaimer.

We hope to live up to the expectation of SedapTV, bringing you those inspiring stories. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to write to [email protected]


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Allow us to whip up some solutions for you and your products or brand, and develop unique ideas that will suit your brand objectives and goals.

Our team is built to design & produce high-quality video content for your brand or products. We always aim to cater to your needs and meet your expectations, to support your social media marketing initiatives, and drive your strategies.

We have the expertise to conceptualize, direct, script, shoot and edit video content in our own studio,
or at your desired location.

Our experience in the entertainment industry also gives you special access to relationships with KOLS and Celebrities


Current Job Openings

SedapTV is on a look out for high caliber professionals and specialists to join its fast-growing team in Kuala Lumpur. To apply for any of the openings, please write to [email protected]