APUS Browser Virus Scan Review

Apus browser antivirus scan is among the most efficient Android applications available. It incorporates the latest internet technologies into a small package. It includes a built-in downloading manager, an internet search that is top-quality and a user-friendly panel that lets you change the appearance of your home screen to provide a more customized experience. Its two-mode scanner swiftly gets rid of useless programs, recouping vital space and boosting machine speed for higher overall system proficiency. Additionally, it’s loaded with the most essential privacy-friendly features to ensure your data is secure as well as a full collection of cost-free anti-virus and gunk cleaning products.

The APUS Browser provides a search, web page, and data file loading speed that is unparalleled on Android. It also requires a very minimal amount of memory, which is just 1 MB. It doesn’t have many special features however, it does offer the basic functions you require – such as showing pages correctly or managing tabs and embedding videos.

The Chinese company behind APUS Browser is probably best known for their launcher that resembles iOS, Message Center, and other tools. However they have been making Android software since 2011. Their APUS Security app is a well-rounded antivirus, junk remover and speedup tool that’s gained positive reviews from both experts and users.

The primary feature of APUS Security is its two-mode scanner, which instantly detects and cleans off malicious files on your device. It also comes with a real-time protection function that automatically checks new applications and flags those that are known to be contaminated with malware.