SedapTV is founded on the love of Malaysia’s unique and delectable food. Our mission is to share inspiring food stories in beautifully captured shows, as we take you to lesser-known places in search of the most amazing cuisine our diverse culture has to offer. Our goal is to invite you to create home-cooked meals with our simple and incredibly sedap recipes.


Quick & Easy

Sedap, Pedas, Rangup – all in one! A binge-worthy snack & ideal to sell if you’re looking to start a home-based business – being cost effective and easy to make in big batches. Store it in airtight containers to keep it crunchy for you and your customers! Really yummy when paired with bread slices or hot rice 😋

Quick & Easy

This combination of two very popular foods – Roti Paratha & Roti John is super yummy when put together. 😍 Perfect if you don’t have any hot dog buns on hand, but happen to have some frozen flaky Roti Paratha which you can fill in with all your favourite meat, vegetables and sauces!! If you prefer to melt the cheese even more you can leave it a little longer on a gril or pan too. Get creative and please share your recipes with us by tagging @sedaptv

Family Faves

Our 1st Japanese recipe & we think it tastes awesome!! Very easy to make and it’ll be a hit with both kids and adults, especially with the Japanese Mayonnaise sauce which adds superb finish to this dish. Believe us when we tell you one batch will not be enough!!


We attended the launch of Bakebe Malaysia, experiencing a whole new world of baking… You too can take home the joy of baking your own cake from start to finish!
In this series, Malaysian kids share their candid and honest thoughts on a range of different Malaysian ice creams and traditional snacks. 
Follow us as we take you behind-the-scenes, in the making of your favourite recipes!