SedapTV is founded on the love of Malaysia’s unique and delectable food. Our mission is to share inspiring food stories in beautifully captured shows, as we take you to lesser-known places in search of the most amazing cuisine our diverse culture has to offer. Our goal is to invite you to create home-cooked meals with our simple and incredibly sedap recipes.


Quick & Easy

Let’s start the first week of Ramadan with a recipe that is #SoSimpleSoSedap, a combo of sweet, sour & spicy !! This Sotong Mahsuri 3 Rasa recipe skips a few steps – luckily there is Mahsuri 3 Rasa sauce. #quickandeasy for sure. Don’t forget to cook rice first!

Quick & Easy

A yummy & easy recipe to get through the midweek madness! This dish is kid friendly so it’s suitable for the whole family to enjoy. This dish is made with egg tofu & vegetables, and you can choose to omit the chicken and substitute to vegetable stock to keep it vegetarian. This recipe is so simple & so sedap. Please tag us if you make this recipe, we would love to see it.

Sweet Delights

This pudding got its name by marbling 2 different coloured mixtures which then resembles the swirls in many batik motifs. It is a delicious milky and chocolatey dessert with a silky but firm texture. This sweet delight is the perfect ending to any meal, especially when you have house guests!


We attended the launch of Bakebe Malaysia, experiencing a whole new world of baking… You too can take home the joy of baking your own cake from start to finish!
In this series, Malaysian kids share their candid and honest thoughts on a range of different Malaysian ice creams and traditional snacks. 
Follow us as we take you behind-the-scenes, in the making of your favourite recipes!